Insurance has long been known to have a technical language of its own. The Harris Agency is available to answer any question that you have regarding coverage terms, policy definitions and the like. We also provide access to a complete glossary of industry terms through the International Risk Management Institute’s IRMI Glossary of Terms.

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REHIA partners with BizAssure to provide our clients convenient access to a full array of professional services. BizAssure is a nationwide network of accountants, attorneys and other professionals that are available to consult with our clients at little or no cost. Areas of expertise include:

  • Human Resource Consultation
  • Labor Legal Consultation & Review
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Review and Negotiation
  • Organizational and Strategic Planning
  • General Business Legal, Contract Review, etc.

REHIA offers this service at no additional expense to our clients as one of the many competitive advantages of working with us. More

Please contact a Harris Agency representative for a complete copy of The BizAssure Consultant magazine.